Four-Fold Way®

The Way of the Warrior
Show up, and choose to be present.

The Way of the Healer
Pay attention to what has heart and meaning.

The Way of the Visionary
Tell the truth without blame or judgment.

The Way of the Teacher
Be open to outcome, not attached to outcome.

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Cornerstones of Wisdom:
The Four-Fold Way

Angeles Arrien: TEDx FiDi talk


Permission Requests

For any permission request to use material that Angeles researched, developed or synthesized, all of Angeles books, CD's, tapes, articles, workshop materials, website reflections, etc. are protected by standard copyright laws. Additionally all Four-Fold Way material is trademarked and copyrighted internationally. The business office is now closed and not granting permissions. Please follow standard citations regarding use of copyrighted materials; and also contact the appropriate publisher regarding all permission requests to use any excerpts of Angeles' material, as her work is not in the public domain. 

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